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Who is Timeless & Twist?

Timeless & Twist is a fashion boutique in Enfield, Nova Scotia.  The boutique serves busy professional women looking for comfortable, high quality, stylish clothing, often with a sustainable aspect. The point of difference is includes personalized style coaching, wardrobe capsule creation, and a safe and comfortable environment. A client describes it ‘like shopping in a friend’s wardrobe’.

The Project

Owner Donna had a good sense of what she wanted to convey through her brand, and was looking for a cohesive look for her ideas, incorporating  an animal with meaning to her; a snowy owl, and a way to connect emotionally with her clients.

I took Donna through a discovery process which included a 1:1 interview, a brand questionnaire, and samples of competitors branding who resonated with her. I provide a single logo solution presentation, by putting emphasis into the research and discovery phase.

My one logo option process streamlines the journey, removes confusion, indecision, FOMO and ‘frankensteining’ of options. It allows development to be taken further, earlier and involves showing how the design would be implemented through mockups.

Putting the time in to get aligned with the client, and target audience before designing allows generation of a strong, aligned design that meets the brief and reduces the need for revisions and doubt. It allows you to feel truly confident about your new brand.

Timeless & Twist Branding - logo presentation
Timeless & Twist Instagram template preview

“It truly brought me to tears as I finally felt that someone heard what I was trying to say…”

“In my original branding, the only thing I knew for sure I wanted was the owl logo due to the family significance but had no idea on how to incorporate that into a “fashion” appropriate design. I had gone through two different designs without really feeling that I knew how to express what I was looking for, or to have the designer understand what I was trying to convey with my brand.

Rebecca’s first draft drew a deeply emotional response as for the first time, I felt like someone had been able to get inside my head and truly convey my “why” and the spirit of the brand. It truly brought me to tears as I finally felt that someone heard what I was trying to say but didn’t know how to.”

Donna McDonald-Landry

Owner, Timeless & Twist Fashion Boutique

Timeless & Twist Branding mood board - owls and blue shades
Timeless & Twist Brand personality and colour palette
Timeless & Twist Branding elements with owls and leaves
Timeless & Twist Branding logo rebrand analysis
Timeless & Twist Branding stickers and hangtag designs
Timeless & Twist Branding signage design
Timeless & Twist Branding horizontal owl logo
Timeless & Twist Branding logo show on dark backgrounds

“The brand conveys all the elements (simple, clean, calm, elegant, comfortable, earthy) that I was looking for as a business owner and as an artist and graphic designer she was able to convey that with every aspect of the design from the colour palette, fonts, to the logo itself. It truly felt like a collaborative process as she respected me as the business owner and I trusted her as the artist and designer.
I would highly Rebecca and Glowbug Design for the reasons mentioned above and below. Rebecca will ask you the right questions, not for you to tell her how to design your brand but for her as an artist to convey the message of your brand. She does this by asking the right questions, listening to both what you are saying and showing, by revising and working with you until it is exactly “right”! I wish I could have found her when I first opened my business!”

Donna McDonald-Landry

Owner, Timeless & Twist Fashion Boutique

Glowbug Design brand element - leafy branch

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