Branding Client Case: Authentically You

Who is Laura Reid – Authentically You Image Coach?


A fashion enthusiast since childhood, Laura left to workforce to follow her passion – to help women from all walks of life find their authentic best look.

Through advanced colour analysis, make up makeovers, body analysis, module wardobing and personal shopping, Laura’s clients find themselves transformed from the inside out. Clients enjoy higher self esteem and confidence, and have even described their experience with Laura as life changing

Laura Reid Branding by Glowbug Design
Laura Reid Branding logo by Glowbug Design

The Project Background


Laura came to me for a logo to represent her image coaching business. Laura wanted her brand to suit her own personal style but also appeal to her target market. Through her colour knowledge, Laura already had a range of colours that were ‘her colours’ and she was keen to incorporate them in some way.

Aspects that she wanted to retain from her previous branding were roses, heart (to symbolize courage, love and survival rather than cutesy) and she was also very drawn to Victorian style ornaments.

We brainstormed who her ideal clients would be and outlined what would appeal to them. Then we outlined what her values were and how we could reflect them through her brand.

Fashion Logo Design Canada
Stylist Logo design by Glowbug Design

The Logo

We decided on the symbolism of a locket. It ticked many boxes on the list of what we wanted to represent Laura and her values.

Branding Colour Palette for Laura Reid

Business Cards


I provided Laura with a a selection of card layouts to choose from and this is the one the really spoke to her, and felt represented her the best. In choosing this one it also set the tone for how her website is going to look, with teal becoming her main brand colour.


Stylist custom business card design by Glowbug Design

You don’t need to go it alone… I help with smart, beautiful visuals so you can focus on your superpowers.

Don’t settle for superficiality. I take the time to find out what makes a real connection with you, your goals and your ideal clients.

Considering the ways your customers will interact with your business will give you much more than a sleek look. It will tell your story that will draw your tribe in.

If you are ready to dig into the strategy behind the scenes, ditch the superficial, and embrace authenticity, you have come to the right place.

Glowbug Design specializes in creating targeted, user friendly, high quality visuals for your business.  From creating a logo that reflects your core vision, to web design carefully tailored for your marketing goals, I can help.

With years of successful project delivering I can help you stand out and promote your business in  a professional, authentic way.

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