Celtic Goddess Brigid Print


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Brigid is a Celtic goddess of fertility and motherhood. A combination of acrylic, pastel pencil, coarse texture medium and metallic gold flakes was used to create an intriguing texture.

The serpent represents fertility of the land and the body and in some of the many variations of her story, is one of her symbols.

Using my beautiful sister as a muse, I wanted to show Brigid as a powerful, middle aged woman. Beauty sourced not from youth, but from strength gained through the trials of life and motherhood. She looks you directly in the eye without any aggression – just confidence in her own knowledge and power.

Celtic Goddess Brigid artwork by Rebecca Hill

Printed on 80lb paper with a satin gloss finish.
Medium: Acrylic on canvas, 8" x 10".
Original available (18" x 24"). Enquire here.