Rebecca Hill Artist Bio

Rebecca Hill with her artwork

Art Exhibitions

Transformation, group show, July-Aug 2023
Colchester-East Hants Public Library, Truro.

Featured Artist  July 29 2023
The Ice Cube Gallery, Tatamagouche, NS.

Restrictions, group show, July-Aug 2022
Colchester-East Hants Public Library, Truro.

Towards the Light Exhibition, solo show, March 2022
Noveltea Coffee House & Bakery, Truro.

It’s a Kind of Magic, multiple artists from Truro Art Society, December 2021
Marigold Cultural Centre, Truro.

Shine Exhibition, multiple artists, June 2021
Colchester-East Hants Public Library, Truro.

Rebecca Hill – Bio

BA Hons Graphic Design & Illustration Degree (Northumbria University)
BTEC art foundation (Cumbria College of Art & Design)

Branding Background:

CMM NTFP Brand Consultant 2020 – 2021:
Branding for a newly formed cooperative representing the Mi’kmaw culture authentically in combination with an environment sustainability and community focused project, with national and international audiences.

Responsibilities included:

Assisting with the full branding process, including research, consideration of the mission and values, consulting with local cultural experts, board of director meetings, market research, creating a brand strategy and research document, subcontracting a Mi’kmaw artist, and development of brand deliverables.


Design experience includes:

10+ years of freelance web design for various companies.

Multiple small business brands and personal brands including:

  • Timeless & Twist Fashion Boutique
    Rebrand and exterior signage design
  • Elsie’s 2.0 Corner Store
    New brand and exterior building signage design
  • Debbie Lawrence
    Personal brand development and program sub branding.
  • Julie Mont
    Virtual Assistant Services brand strategy and logo design
  • Fundy Compost website: Redesign using existing logo with a modern strategy, developing client avatars for more targeted marketing


Volunteer Roles
2023 Co President of Truro Art Society
– Curation and coordination of exhibition space at Noveltea Bookstore and Bakery

2020-2023Truro Art Society executive (3 years)
– Gained experience working with a community in an organizer, creative supporting role. 

Art of the Craft Market – Event manager 2022 – 2023